Inner Bliss

Inner Bliss is a state of Complete Ecstasy which everyone is capable of experiencing from within. We are so accustomed to seeking pleasures from external world that we think our source of happiness lies in everything Material. Rarely do we realise that the Bliss gained from the sense contact between subject and object is quite momentary and traps us in the game of Maya. Happiness isn’t something to be gained or achieved; it is the very nature of The Self. We are the Sat-Chit-Ananda (Existence-Consciousnesses-Bliss). And it is this Ananda, Pure Bliss, which is the focal point of my latest work.

In the ‘Inner Bliss’ series, I embark upon an Internal Journey where my main focus is on Chakra; how working with them we can understand our Individual self so that we can mingle with The Universal Self (Paramatma).

Chakra, also called Kundalini Chakra, literally means ‘Wheel’. They are the Psychic energy or Prana centres located along the Spinal cord. Spinal cord holds our physical body together while the Chakra along the Spine, holds our Subtle body together. There are a total of 114 Chakra centre in our body, however we mainly deal with Seven Chakra. Chakra are usually found in dormant state in a human being which make one’s life devoid of Vigour. One can awaken the Chakra through Yoga & Meditation in order to experience Inner Bliss and ultimately attain Self-Realisation.

In the Hindu Tradition, Chakra are represented by various-petalled lotuses. As the Kundalini energy starts ascending upwards, the lotus flower starts blooming. With increasing energy from Muladhara to Sahasrara Chakra, the number of petals increase accordingly representing the increasing vibrational frequencies. The frequencies are represented by specific sounds and their corresponding rainbow colours, from red to violet, respectively.

I have experimented with a different style; venturing into the Metaphysical realm through the best of my limited knowledge. My medium being Acrylic on canvas, I have tried my hands on various texture backgrounds, contrary to previous geometrical backgrounds. By making my work more Gender Neutral I hope it resonates directly with The Soul. My motive is to provide to everyone, spontaneous Healing energies, which transcend all language barriers. I hope everyone will benefit through gazing at the paintings as much as I did while working on them.
So come join me in my Journey to explore each and every Chakra in detail....