Mesmerising Reverberations of Love

We all are aware of various manifestations of love like parental, materialistic, carnal, self and divine love etc. When we start loving others the way we love ourselves (Self love), the purpose of universal love is achieved. In such circumstances, the entire world becomes a pleasant place having perpetual and incessant reverberations of love. Under these conditions, the waves of love like that of an ocean constantly inundate all living and non- living things.

As a woman I have been able to experience some forms of love, so far, and I have tried to put across such feelings, in a multi-dimensional way in my works.

I have made humble endeavour to express love notwithstanding the fact that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to completely depict it. It has, however, entailed that I chose semi-realistic technique rather than the realistic one. I have used line formations as well as space divisions to elaborate perspectives in my works.

I have tried to accentuate the importance of Geometrical perspective in my works. It has facilitated me in illustrating the internal feelings of lover as well as the surrounding circumstance or ambience.

As is obvious, Woman is the essential form in nearly all my works. It is because only she can truly experience various shades of love in her heart during the course of her life. She also can and is indeed willing to reciprocate, provided she is fortunate enough to get true love in this world rather than being portrayed merely as an item or show piece.