Dimensions of Love

'Dimensions of Love' is a refreshing and expressive approach to a life of bliss and accomplishment. Love is mystique so it cannot be defined. Love is infinite so it cannot be confined.

Love is the most beautiful emotion in the world and at the same time it is also the essential need of all living creatures. It’s omnipresent in the universe like God, who is also the only perennial source of love. We have our own ways and means to experience and express love. Love is compassion in aloofness, humane in wilderness, faith in disbelief, hope in distress, sunshine in winter, cool breeze in summer, water in desert and fresh flowers of spring. Love therefore, is elixir of life. Love leads us through difficult times enabling us to endure adversity and never fails in supporting us. None in this world can ever claim to be unaffected by this great emotion called Love.

True love can never be envious, selfish and implacable. It is manifested in different emotions such as patience, faith, hope, kindness, perseverance and elation. Having experienced various shades of love in our lives, we are well aware of the love and its manifestation. Sometimes, it makes us feel sad and at times elated, yet Love’s nature cannot be termed as paradoxical rather it is like the crest and trough of a wave.

A picture paints a thousand words and ‘Dimensions of Love’ is a series of my paintings; which indeed is threshold of my journey to The Supreme Soul, involving some profound thought-provoking and awakening emotions. Here my endeavor was to keep the theme of my paintings lucid and communicative, while putting, in spontaneity, my feelings as well as fantasies on the canvas. The objective was to portray the various ‘Dimensions of Love’, through the images of women since they create and nurture life. In the process, they also experience diverse forms of love. Being a woman is indeed a blessing for me as I have been blessed to sense various emotions of love; as a daughter, sister, friend, mother, wife and a soul: an extension of the Supreme Soul. My paintings are representations of my experiences and imaginations, something aspired by any human. I have used bright and vibrant colors in all my paintings, as I feel life is commemoration of Love. What I envisage in my works of Art is love, purity and serenity as in my view these are the essence of a soul. I avoid sadness or negativity in my works, as in today’s chaotic world we are already surrounded by these. I hope people would experience love, peace and joy while gazing at my works.

Let’s Celebrate Love….