Aruna Tewari portrays her imaginations on canvas in acrylic with extremely beautiful compositions. She has an interesting and good sense of colours. Unlike other contemporary artists, she believes in using bold and bright colours and that enables her to distinguish her works from those of others. Being a woman herself, she has more sensitive to love and its feelings. That is why she has been able to portray such feelings and their impact in the life of a woman. Her works in the present theme “Mesmerising Reverberations of love” are very intense and focused. Background strokes in most of her works have given a new dimension to her paintings besides giving a depth and maturity.

I have seen Aruna’s evolution from an art student to an artist and I am amazed by the rapid strides that she has taken in such a short span of few years. May God bless her.

by: Sneh Bhasin,